Spire Ahead Of The Curve in Providing Prostate MRI

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The Lancet medical journal has published the results of the PROMIS study this week on Prostate MRI.  This revolutionary study has confirmed the effectiveness of (Multi-Parametric) MP-MRI in assessing the likelihood of prostate cancer before patients have to undergo biopsy, which has been reported in the Telegraph and a number of other newspapers today.

The research team led by Mr Henderson, underwent training in MRI with the UCL group as one of only 11 UK hospitals to participate in this trial.   This showed that a number of men with reassuring MRI scans may not need a biopsy and those that do require biopsy can have this done in a more targeted manner.

At the Spire Tunbridge Wells we introduced pre-biopsy MP-MRI in 2010, which in some UK hospitals may not be part of routine assessment until 2018.  We are able to offer this to new patients as part of our usual management.

Most patients who need an MP-MRI of their prostate will have been seen by their GP with an abnormal PSA blood test or found to have a prostate which feels abnormal on a rectal examination.  At Spire Tunbridge Wells, scans can often be arranged on the same day as an outpatient consultation which can be booked by getting in touch with the Tunbridge Wells Urology team.