Advice for Patients Before Attending Spire Hospital In 2022

Alastair Henderson Uncategorized

Patients may have specific questions about whether the Coronavirus Pandemic will change their scheduled healthcare. We have contacted patients if their appointment is affected but there are several useful links that may be helpful.

If you think you have any signs or symptoms of coronavirus particularly a persistent, new dry cough or fever >37.8 degrees Centigrade then you should access the NHS website guidance on coronavirus and follow the guidance as to accessing NHS services which contains a more complete list of symptoms and how to access care.

If you are uncertain as to how the Spire Hospital Group are operating and what clinical services may be available from their providers their website provides details.

Lastly the latest blog by TunbridgeWellsUrology details the contact number for Alastair Henderson’s clinical Practice and how we are supporting patients with urological problems at this difficult time.