Advice on Preparing for Surgery in the COVID Era

Alastair Henderson Uncategorized

You may have had surgery delayed and may be wondering about how to prepare for Surgery. There are some important differences due to COVID-19. Guidance from the Royal College of Surgeons of England has been produced to help patients. This Guidance explains what might different about surgery during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Tunbridge Wells Urology team will be in touch when we have surgical capacity. As the situation improves we are moving from only offering Emergency and Cancer care to offering a more normal comprehensive service (as in the NHS). This includes being able to offer diagnostic tests as well as operations under anaesthesia.

New guidance describes some new areas of risk. It also gives some examples as to how you can get in the best possible shape for your surgery. Thinking about optimising your choices about diet and physical activity will be something that can be part of the process of getting fit for surgery.

Some Scottish NHS trusts have devised excellent written information on exercise before surgery. This may be useful as to some examples of what to start with if you are fit and well but not taking regular exercise. If you are uncertain about if exercise is right for you, it may be worth discussing with your doctor or asking to see one of the Physiotherapists at Spire Tunbridge Wells.