GP information

At Tunbridge Wells Urology, Alastair Henderson provides a urological service for GP’s and patients that mirrors his NHS practice.

Common problems seen at Tunbridge Wells Urology

    • Male and female Urinary tract Infections and recurrent infections.
    • Problematic Urinary Frequency, Nocturia, Urinary Leakage using urodynamic assessment as needed.
    • Haematuria assessment.
    • Urinary obstruction (often in men due to BPH).
    • Urinary retention often requiring Holmium Laser Prostatectomy (HOLEP) or Laser TURP.
    • Assessment of Prostate Cancer Risk using PSA and clinical examination.
    • Ureteric or Kidney Stone Disease requiring treatment including Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy and endoscopic laser surgery (Ureteroscopy).
    • Kidney Tumours often requiring Keyhole (Laparoscopic) Surgery or  Cryotherapy / Partial Nephrectomy.
    • Management of chronic pain conditions in the testis, bladder pain (interstitial cystitis), and prostatitis.
    • Assessment of testicular lumps for cancer risk and definitive treatment.

Cheap antibiotic

  • Andrology including erectile dysfunction, changes in libido and penile problems affecting intercourse
  • Male contraception – vasectomy and reversal of vasectomy.
  • Assessment of urinary problems in neurological patients after stroke or multiple sclerosis.

Available to patients and medical colleagues

At Tunbridge Wells Urology, Alastair can ensure timely assessment and advice in clinic. If treatment is required, procedures are carried out using the latest evidence based medical technology.

Alastair recognises the benefits of a modern team-based approach to deliver medical care in partnership with colleagues from oncology, radiology, anaesthetic, specialist nursing and physiotherapy disciplines as well as other medical specialities.  As in the NHS these colleagues are available to ensure a seamless service.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Alastair can offer assistance to help with your practices Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program, please contact him if you would like further information or to arrange an appointment.