PROMIS Prostate Cancer Trial Opens In Tunbridge Wells

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Recent media coverage has highlighted the work that clinicians including Alastair have been doing on the use of MRI scans to predict the presence of prostate cancer.

The Telegraph online describes how MRI is being used to diagnose prostate cancer.  The PROMIS study to look in detail at men who are at risk of prostate cancer recently opened in Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust.  This study aims to confirm the effectiveness of MRI scans in predicting if a man has prostate cancer.  If the results of the trial are supportive, fewer men may ultimately need to have a prostate biopsy.

Alastair has for the last 4 years offered a triple assessment.  Where needed, men with concerns about prostate cancer may undergo clinical assessment and physical examination with a PSA blood test , a state of the art MRI scan and trans-perineal prostate biopsy if needed.  We use the MRI scan to allow us to accurately target the areas where cancer is most likely to be present.

The following image shows an MRI scan with an area of likely prostate cancer identified by the arrow.

Prostate MRI