My Recovery From Kidney Cancer

NewmanEye Admin Patient Stories

As a 57 year old woman with a family history of raised cholesterol and heart disease I have tried to keep healthy.   I do not smoke, I keep fit and maintain a healthy weight.

Last year a visit to my GP with symptoms of what seemed to be food poisoning resulted in tests including an Ultrasound scan.  Two weeks later I was completely recovered and returned for the test results (September 2014).  The tests results were fine, as I had expected, but the scan had shown a kidney tumour which would require surgery – completely unexpected. I was totally shocked and frightened.  This was a bolt out of the blue and it stops you in your tracks – cancer. Scary. One of my first thoughts was ” thank god I don’t smoke – this would be even worse”.   The tumour was silent in that it wasn’t causing any symptoms and was a chance finding on the scan.

After the initial shock I was assured it would be operable with keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery which was a relief. Despite reassurances the “what ifs” started going over in my mind – my imagination was running riot. 

So the next steps:-

  • Sept 12th consultation with Mr Henderson
  • Sept 15th CT scan
  • Sept 19th results and confirmation 
  • Sept 25th surgery to remove the kidney

We all know that early treatment is key and this was reassuringly fast but also felt scary. It was very surreal and still is.

I am amazed at, and thankful for, the skill of Mr Henderson and the team involved in my surgery and the care I received in hospital. I am also thankful that I don’t smoke and keep fit and healthy. This has been an enormous advantage in my recovery.

I consider myself very unlucky to have had cancer but extremely lucky to have been able to have it treated with surgery. 

So far so good with the tumour apparently cured but it has made me stop and think.  Although my cancer treatment does remain to some extent in my mind I try to look forward and not back.