New Treatments for Recurring Urine Infection in Women

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Having one urine infection is enough to put up with and women are more likely to suffer with this condition. Some women are unlucky enough to suffer with more than one urine infection and these can need specialist assessment and treatment  particularly if they are suffering more than two infections per year. Specialist tests including non-invasive ultrasound scans are usual in …

What to do if you find a testicle lump ?

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A common early sign of testicular cancer is a pain-free lump that develops in a testicle.   Though men may be sure that their lump is a cancer it is often the case that other swellings are present which are not serious, however it often takes an appointment with a Urologist and on some occasions an ultrasound scan and blood …

My kidney and I

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Read about the Daily Mail columnist Dominic Lawson’s experience with kidney stones and how Alastair treated him at the Spire Hospital in Tunbridge Wells. Visit ‘Being poleaxed by a kidney stone is a price worth paying for my life of indulgence‘